Ruby The Hatchet, Hound

Ruby The Hatchet


Sun, December 31, 2017

7:30 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Ruby The Hatchet
Ruby The Hatchet
Ruby the Hatchet is an American heavy psych rock band from a cadaverous funeral prism. Their work fuses the sinister tactic of brainwash with blistering riffs and the rebellious mood of sorcery. Seething and spitting, Ruby hammers behemoth waves of dogma and doom. Your ears shall lay savaged by their punishing tones.
Remember Sabbath, Atomic Rooster and the Metallica that brought you Kill 'Em All? You remember that sound? It's called hard rock and Hound are bringing it back!

The trio, comprised of Perry Shall, Chris Wilson (Ted Leo and the Pharmacists) and Colin McGinniss (None More Black), is releasing their debut album, Out of Time, on SRA Records on November 28th.

Since 2011 Hound has given Philadelphians a reason to grow their hair long and put their jean jackets on, and now they're unleashing their heavy riffs on the rest of the world. So make room on that record shelf, clear some space in the gray matter between your ears and turn it up!
Venue Information:
847 N Third Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19123