Diamond Terrifier Cipher, Beat Jams, Valley Exit

Diamond Terrifier Cipher

Beat Jams

Valley Exit

Tue, June 20, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Diamond Terrifier Cipher
Diamond Terrifier Cipher
Diamond Terrifier Cipher is the brainchild of Sam Hillmer,
a NYC impresario responsible for countless mind-bending evenings, leading the Zs
charge, and bridging saxophone and electronics solo incarnations under the moniker
Diamond Terrifier.
Hillmer’s new bandit crew, the Cipher, assembles four global- and generational-spanning tricksters: the scene’s best kept secret,
Michael Beharie,
on guitar, synths and effects; Cibo Matto
co-founder, Miho Hatori,
on vocals; and studio wizard / guitar deviant, Don Devore,
of Collapsing Scenery.

The Cipher spent the past two years improvising,
jamming, and melting throughout New York’s venues before settling into Don’s studio to record four conjurings for their self-titled debut,
Diamond Terrifier Cipher.
“Chapel Master” haunts by a thin buzz of Sam’s horn before collapsing in aggressive elegance. “Not Lit”, DTC’s chill warning to all promoters in NYC, leads ominously before submerging into a hypnotic orchestra of synths and sounds of unknown origins. “Art
is War” and “Action Fortress” play like twin dirges threaded with ghostly vocal samples.

Cipher maestro Hillmer fingerprints the EP with echoes
of free-jazz and drone, conducting space for Miho’s alien vocals, Beharie’s textures and Don’s riffs to birth a distinct, warped, New York
recording resistant to any singular form. Diamond Terrifier Cipher
rules a place of impermanence made quantifiable for the first time care of Styles Upon Styles.

Styles Upon Styles will present
Diamond Terrifier Cipher
in digital and vinyl formats on August 25th, 2017. The vinyl version will include four remixes from our friends at

Beat Jams
Ever get hoodwinked by a friend of a friend? Dazzled by their bottomless medical weed supply and stories of the commune naked times? Plied by bogus bonds and then burglared of your booty call you were wise to unfriend. But they make off with a chunk of your pride to throw in the cauldron at their next HR puffenstuff shakedown scene...Hear all about it in Beat Jams' latest golden contribution to The Hang. Look out for the 7 inch to be released summer 2016.
Valley Exit
Valley Exit
When not holed up in the studio working on records (the War on Drugs / Purling Hiss /Nothing / Kurt Vile etc) Jeff Zeigler can be found making music in his experimental duo with Harpist Mary Lattimore, noise pop band Arc in Round, or on his own under the moniker "Valley Exit." Taking a semi-improvised, dubbed-out approach to minimal electronic music, live sets weave between soft focus songs, a la John Bender/Arthur Russell/Suicide and open-ended pulsing Krautscapes.
Venue Information:
847 N Third Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19123