RADIOHEAD - OK COMPUTER / 20 year Anniversary Show

RADIOHEAD - OK COMPUTER / 20 year Anniversary Show

Fri, May 19, 2017

7:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Lovers League
Ponyhof is the new project of Brooklyn-based singer and musician Carrie Erving. Ponyhof's debut album 'Empires' was self-released on Jan 20th, 2014, and was written and produced by Erving and mixed by former DFA producer Eric Broucek (Eleanor Friedberger/Holy Ghost/!!!).

"Empires" is a nod to the cyclical rise and fall of one's own personal empires--love, loss, and the hopeful glimmerings of a new beginning. Now based full-time in New York, Erving writes songs that draw heavily on the influences of her four years spent living in Europe: her love of electronic drums and analog synthesizers are a product of living for three years in Berlin, Germany, where she recorded and released her debut album and became a critically-acclaimed staple in the Berlin music scene, and a year spent in Ireland studying the aural tradition of ballads and Sean-Nos singing helped her to shape an intensely personal and melodic singing and songwriting style. Moving to Brooklyn in 2010, she reunited with friends from the indie rock community on her side of the Atlantic and formed Ponyhof, a New York-based collective of musicians performing her new songs. "Empires" showcases the talents of cellist and album co-producer/arranger Chris Loxley (who has performed with Akron/Family and Northern Bells) electronic drummer Ricky Petraglia, and bassist Robert Sahm (Le Loup), and features guest vocals by Will Butler (Arcade Fire).
Escaper is a Brooklyn, NY based 5-piece instrumental band that blends rock, funk and jazz into a fusion of danceable spacey jams. Recently signed to Ropeadope Records, they will be releasing a debut single in November of this year and a full album in early 2017. Each member of Escaper brings an interesting biography of their own!
Vilebred is a Philly-based experimental rock band, constantly churning out rich melodies, epic anthems and enough snark to make everyone a little uncomfortable. Following the footsteps of his brother Kurt Vile, Sam Vile is the musical architect that leads this circus, with influences ranging from The Violent Femmes to Radiohead. Band members include, Dug Gillan (bass/vocals) and Jeremy Dawson (Lead Guitar) of "The Nodd", Chelsea Sue Allen (keys/vocals) who is also a talented solo artist of the same name, and Will Donahue (drums/vocals) who, while members sometimes come and go, has been in the band since the very beginning. Some reoccurring members include Dean Gorfti (Drums) and Gene Isayev (sax and flute).
Bad Faces
Bad Faces lie somewhere at the crossroads of traditional roots and modern psychedelic music; wry and plaintive, weathered but fresh, and all American. Like a drop of water, Bad Faces absorbs up through the roots of American music and grows a tree of its' own.
Owl And Wolf
Owl And Wolf
Folktress Dani Mari has combined forces with the experimental sounds of Will Hanza. Their union infuses influences from americana, blues and folk music. The mixture of acoustic instruments with sultry melodies and harmonies create a sound that can be described as Dark Folk. The duo is set to release more music in the upcoming year.
Valerie Orth
Valerie Orth
Moving to NYC after 11 years in SF, and more than half of those years deep in the Bay Area's music scene...

Described as "sexy, soulful, genuine, and edgy" by the San Francisco Bay Guardian and an "indie folk powerhouse" by Bend's Source Weekly, Valerie Orth is a fearless and genre-bending songwriter. Her distinctive hybrid of rock, groove, soul, and folk reaches out and grabs your attention; her live performances captivate and charm at once.

Rich with melody and metaphor, Orth's tunes move nimbly between darkness and light, hope and despair, taking deft turns of phrase along unforeseen rhythmic twists in the road. With gorgeous, multi-octave vocals and no fear of heights, she flirts with the edge as readily as she subverts expectations.

"Unpredictable and highly original," writes the Jefferson Agrarian. "Just when you think she's going to settle into a familiar groove, off she flies into the stratosphere with phrasings you never saw coming."

Orth's dynamic range as a performer is made all the more compelling by what the East Bay Express calls a "completely intuitive composition style."

Influenced by artists as diverse as Ani DiFranco and Bjork, Meshell Ndegeocello and Zap Mama, Valerie understands song as revolution, whether personal or political, and as evolution, creating change within herself and the possibility for it within her listeners.

"There is an honesty to Valerie's music that is both brilliant and heartbreaking," writes the San Francisco Chronicle.

Orth grew up, as she puts it, "singing before I could talk." That penchant led from musical theater productions in her youth to an African diaspora choir at Tufts University. Along the way, she studied drumming and dance in Ghana. But her background is mainly in activism. She campaigned for a women's studies department at Tufts and organized rallies for fair trade and environmental justice. After graduating, Orth took a job with Green Corps, then moved to San Francisco and became a labor organizer for Global Exchange. She challenged corporate behemoths like Procter & Gamble and led the effort to pass San Francisco's anti-sweatshop law in 2005.

After a few years of burning the midnight oil on grassroots campaigns that often found her working over 70 hours a week, Valerie decided to return to her musical roots, hopeful that her art might have similar impact to her work in social justice. "Songwriting and performing are basic necessities in my life," she says. "I couldn't stand the idea of not singing."

Her most recent full length release, Faraway City, which the East Bay Express described as "a remarkable piece of work,"features Scott Amendola (Charlie Hunter) on drums, Julie Wolf (Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls) on piano and organ, and Jon Evans (Tori Amos) on bass and electric guitar. Produced by Evans, it amply displays Valerie's range as composer, lyricist, and singer.

"I think we went a bit more 'out-there' than the regular singer-songwriter genre," says Orth.
Johnny Butler
Johnny Butler
"After dabbling with resonances from John Coltrane and Miles Davis and enveloping his processed saxophone sound in cavernous reverb, Brooklyn-based Johnny Butler turns a polyphony of overdubbed horns (triggered by laptop) into Fritz Lang's Metropolis machine." -DownBeat Magazine.
I Am Snow Angel
Electronic-pop artist, I AM SNOW ANGEL, is preparing to release her upcoming EP, Desert. Set to release in 2016, Desert is the follow-up to I AM SNOW ANGEL's debut full-length album, Crocodile.

I AM SNOW ANGEL is a sound that fuses digital and acoustic elements. The music is composed, performed, produced and engineered by recording artist Julie Kathryn. "It's the kind of sophisticated, enchanting alt-pop that fans of Imogen Heap and Enya will lap right up." (LADYGUNN) Building from Crocodile, a fantasy-inspired album, I AM SNOW ANGEL reveals that she is continuing to explore the subtle complexities of desire, passion and longing on Desert, while "creating a very intriguing and mysterious composition in the process." (Beats and Beyond)

I AM SNOW ANGEL has been featured by the Huffington Post, Indie Shuffle, Magnetic Mag, Creem Magazine, Refinery 29, All Things Go and many more for her "fluorescent beats and emotionally charged melodies." (Nooga) A self-sufficient artist, I AM SNOW ANGEL is one of the co-founders of Female Frequency, a musical collective that is dedicated to empowering women and girls in the music industry. She's currently producing the group's first collective album, but she's also gearing up for the release of Desert. Stay tuned for more from I AM SNOW ANGEL!
Brooklyn Shanti
Brookyln Shanti is the platform of the Bengali-origin, emcee, producer, composer and DJ, Nabin (aka the1shanti), for formulating, executive producing and releasing music and any form of art. Nabin has a strong Hip Hop orientation and is constantly trying to push the boundaries of self-expression while trying to introduce Bengali culture to the global audience.
Dwight Remington
Dwight Remington
Experimental Dreamy Weirdo-Pop from the land of Brookladelphia.
Dani Mari
Dani Mari
An avid fan of Billie Holiday and Mazzy Star, Dani Mari was born to sing. Her music is fueled by personal narratives embedded in the craft of classic story telling and the emotional insight of a most unlikely "old soul". Audiences across the United States and throughout Europe have gravitated toward her beautifully haunting voice and the simplistic elegance of her lyrics which transcend our current snap shot of popular music.She has been featured on NPR, BBC, MTV, WXPN (including the Gene Shay Folk Show on WXPN) and Brooklyn Vegan and has collaborated with FEAR CLUB from Paris, Sun Glitters and was formally in the dreampop duo, Lockets. She has performed at SXSW, The Philadelphia Folk Festival, Musikfest and many other festivals and venues across the world. In addition she has performed with acts such as Sylvan Esso, St. Lucia, Twin Sister, Exitmusic, Widowspeak, Mates of State, Patti Smith, Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeros, Of Montreal and more.
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